At the moment we are translating the website in English. A full translation will be completed before 10.01.2017
I have money on my Steam account, but now they are not displayed. Why?
Steam Money are not appropriate to this site. You should fill up the balance on Hellcase directly.
I can't sell an item because pop-up dialogue window is blocked on this tab!
Close tab, and then visit page again. If that fails, clean the browser history completely.
Your drop waiting up to 24 hours
Full cost of the item will be returned to your balance in case you don't withdraw it out during 24 hours .
Before opening Cases
Be sure to check your account trades on Steam, otherwise our bot will not be able to send you your items. Open your inventory, make sure that there is no ban 7 days after the password had been changed and Steam Guard is working properly.
When I click "Send" item, I get an error: "Unable to send the item"
Bot cannot send you item in the following cases:
1. You have blocked trade (came with the new device, recently changed the password / e-mail, changed the Steam Guard security settings have VAC-ban, etc.).
2. You have hidden inventory in Steam privacy settings (Check it)
3. Check your trade-link in profile and Steam settings – they should be matched.
4. Bot is having problems with the Steam connection; it happens quite often, the problem is in the Steam, this is not about you. Bot could also be banned, in this case, contact the Help Desk and describe the problem in detail [email protected]
If you are not taking your item out for an hour, its full cost is returned to your balance.
I have opened the case, received an item so how I can pick it up?
Go to your profile and click the "Send" on item of your interest, then appears the "Get" button, which leads directly to the trade on Steam.
There is a "Temporarily Unavailable" note on the case, why?
The case / collection becomes unavailable if it does not contain all the items that are listed in the case / collection. This was preformed for the clear randomness. Bots are monitoring the trade platform and purchase the missing items all the time.
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